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For all my Hope is in Him only through HIS Grace

Hope + Grace started in 2020 right prior to the Covid Lock Down.

Hi I am Jessica, the co-founder of Hope+Grace, a former designer and mama to 2 College Students! For over 20 years I designed and sold my Clothing Brand to major department stores and specialty stores throughout the United States.

In 2017 my husband and business partner had a stroke and was told that he needed to be in a less stressful environment. I then decide to save my husband and not my business and had to sell my brand.

As a designer, I always saw the need and void of a place that I could purchase affordable fashion that was trendy but still age friendly to women. In 2020 after lot prayers, I took a step of faith and started my boutique selling through different E-commerce platforms.

Summer of 2023 Hope+Grace is launching our own very own website to bring fashion to your doorsteps!

At Hope+Grace we hand pick and design with you in mind. We purchase and design fun styles for all age groups and body types.

We promise to do our very best to make your shopping experience fun and easy!

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve. Please let us know!
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